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HelloI'm Angelika Pirkl, a UK-based freelance Picture Researcher & Art Buyer specialised in history, vintage photography, and the arts. 


After ten years of working in the image licensing industry, I set up Igloo Picture Research in 2017 to help clients find those elusive perfect pictures for their projects.

I can provide meticulous picture research for trade publishing, academic publishing or television broadcasting, as well as offer a more creative approach to book cover design or non-editorial projects, both in digital and print.


I can assist with:

  • setting & managing picture budgets;

  • compiling preliminary subject specs from manuscripts;

  • interpreting image briefs thoroughly & creatively;

  • carrying out picture research across a variety of sources - ranging from local and international picture libraries to museums, smaller institutions, private collections or independent photographers;

  • negotiating licensing fees;

  • sourcing digital high-resolution image files;

  • obtaining necessary rights clearances for photographic copyright as well as additional artistic copyright, publicity rights & property rights if required;

  • keeping accurate records of picture codes, captions, credit lines & licence terms.

I have experience across a range of subject areas, including:

✤ History ✤ Archaeology ✤ Vintage Photography ✤ Art ✤ Design ✤ Architecture ✤ Fashion ✤ Performing Arts ✤ Culture ✤


Projects can be undertaken remotely or in-house.

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