Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients, their talented in-house staff & fellow freelancers on many exciting picture research projects.

CLIENTS INCLUDE ✤ Bloomsbury Publishing ✤ Frances Lincoln & White Lion Publishing (Quarto Group) ✤ Michael Joseph, Penguin Books, Viking & Vintage (Penguin Random House Group) ✤ Palazzo Editions ✤ Phaidon Press ✤ Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) ✤ Science Museum Group ✤ Thames & Hudson (some projects in collaboration with the Royal Drawing School and the V&A) ✤ Unbound ✤

Scroll through the portfolio below to view a sample of projects I collaborated on, and click on any one to find out more.

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Clementine Churchill

Author: Sonia Purnell. Publisher: White Lion Publishing (Quarto). Design: Isabel Eeles. Cover photograph by Dorothy Wilding, © William Hustler and Georgina Hustler / National Portrait Gallery, London. Illustrated with over 100 stunning photographs, many of which have rarely been seen before, this book by acclaimed biographer Sonia Purnell reveals the stories behind Britain’s First Lady Clementine Churchill. --- Categories: Non-Fiction, Book, Biography, History, Vintage Photography.

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